The 2014 Super Lawyers again named David Markus as one of best 100 lawyers in all of Florida (and top 100 in Miami) as it has for the past number of years.

Margot Moss has been elected as the President of the Florida Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, Miami Chapter, for the 2014-15 term.

Markus & Markus was again named one of the top firms in South Florida by the South Florida Legal Guide.

Chambers & Partners listed the firm as one of the top White Collar criminal defense firms in its 2014 edition, as it has done for many years. Regarding David, it said he is "one of the best trial lawyers around: very smart, highly respected and thoroughly prepared." The publication in back-to-back years previously nominated him as one of the top eight white collar criminal defense lawyers in the entire country.

David received the Eugene Spellman Criminal Justice Act Award for Excellence from the Southern District of Florida in 2013.

Another Not Guilty Verdict!

A former marine was facing a 10-year minimum mandatory sentence in Broward county in a case involving a firearm. The State offered Mr. Rodrigues probation, but he was innocent and wanted a trial. And a trial is what he received -- Not Guilty on all counts in less than an hour of deliberation!


In the high-profile internet cafe case charging over 50 defendants in a huge RICO indictment, the Firm secured a dismissal for their business owner client before trial.


After eight years of litigation and multiple appeals to the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the Firm won the release of a client who had been serving a life sentence on charges stemming from the Sal Magluta and Willie Falcon case. Yuby Ramirez has been freed from prison after David Oscar Markus persuaded the court to vacate her life sentence.


Rodrigo Hidalgo, a vice-president of an airline, was charged in two separate federal indictments with criminal antitrust violations. David and Mona Markus filed a unique motion to dismiss, which demonstrated that Hidalgo was immune from prosecution. The federal judge issued a 49 page order dismissing all charges against Mr. Hidalgo.


Again in 2014, David Oscar Markus was named in Best Lawyers by U.S. News in White Collar Criminal Defense and non-White Collar criminal defense.


The South Florida Legal Guide has once again named Markus & Markus as one of the top firms in Miami for 2014, and selected David Oscar Markus, Mona E. Markus, and Margot Moss to its list of Top Lawyers.


Dr. Ali Shaygan was found not guilty in federal court of all 141 counts against him, which charged that he illegally prescribed pain medications resulting in a death. Dr. Shaygan was facing a minimum mandatory sentence of 20 years in prison if convicted. The jury hugged the lawyers and Dr. Shaygan after finding him not guilty in less than a morning, after a four week trial.


After a month long trial, a jury found Francesco Scaglia not guilty in less than 2 hours. This was a federal criminal antitrust trial prosecuted by the Department of Justice. Despite being on video-tape and on a number of documents, the jury did not believe that Francesco was a knowing participant in the cartel.

Case Dismissed!

A high-publicity case against an executive charged with over 800 RICO Acts was dismissed after David Markus and Margot Moss exposed the government's lead witness to be incredible through pretrial investigation and motion practice.


Mr. Markus was named a 2009 Florida SuperLawyer for White Collar Criminal Defense Representation and was listed in the 2009 Chambers & Partners for White Collar Crime & Government Investigations, which stated that Markus is a "man who gets consistently great results." The 2008 version said he had "impressive victories" and that "he really means business" when fighting for his clients.


In a first of its kind trial about the legality of adult arcades, a jury in Broward County found David Markus' client, Gale Fontaine, not guilty of all counts in less than a day of deliberations.


After filing a motion contesting the extradition of man wanted in Panama for a $16 million fraud, the request for extradition was dismissed.


After briefing and oral argument by David Oscar Markus, the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals reversed Jildardo Mendez's conviction for conspiring to defraud the United States.


After a six week trial and seven days of deliberations, a federal jury in Savannah, Georgia found David Markus' client, a high level health care executive, not guilty of all counts in a 288-count indictment alleging RICO, mail fraud, wire fraud, and health care fraud.


David Oscar Markus won a new trial in federal court for Moran Shepkaru (accused of fraud and conspiracy). The government appealed, but the Eleventh Circuit upheld the decision to award a new trial.


David Oscar Markus won an acquittal on all counts for Larry Green after a 6 week trial in federal court. Although Green was facing life in prison if convicted, he walked out of the courtroom with his family and friends.



Front page picture from the Sun-Sentinel, after David Oscar Markus celebrates the
acquittal of Gale Fontaine, who reacts with tears of joy.

Markus & Markus is a nationally recognized trial and appellate boutique law firm that is known for taking on very difficult cases and winning.  The named partners of the firm -- David Oscar Markus and Mona E. Markus-- are honors graduates of Harvard Law School.  

Throughout his career, David Markus has zealously and successfully represented defendants in high-stakes litigation at the trial level all the way to the Supreme Court.  For example, David recently took on the government in a 141-count federal indictment against a doctor and won every count at trial.  He takes part in all of the Firm's cases, which at the present time includes executives and professionals charged with white collar offenses such as criminal antitrust, tax fraud, OFAC, mortgage fraud, medicare fraud, RICO, and securities fraud. His contact information is on the speed dial of businessmen (and even filmmakers). Recently, he was profiled as one of the best criminal defense lawyers in Miami and described as a "vigorous defender" and "one of the best trial lawyers around: very smart, highly respected and thoroughly prepared."

Similarly, Mona Markus was part of the trial and appellate team that obtained a billion dollar verdict against Exxon in federal court and made it stick before the United States Supreme Court.  Mona leads the Firm's motion and appellate practice, which in 2012 alone has won three cases in the 11th Circuit Court of Appeals.

In addition to David and Mona, the Firm is lucky to have Margot Moss, a highly skilled and experienced lawyer who has achieved enormous success for her clients. 

Margot has tried more than 100 cases to verdict and while at the public defender's office was tasked with training young lawyers.  Her latest trial resulted in a not guilty across the board before Judge Adalberto Jordan in federal court.  She handles complex criminal matters in state and federal court.

The Firm handles a very small number of cases at any given time so that it can dedicate its full energy to each and every case it takes.  The 2013 Chambers & Partners (which ranks lawyers based on independent research by speaking to lawyers and clients) described the Firm as "dynamic" and said that it "continues to impress clients and fellow practitioners alike with its high-profile white-collar criminal defense work."  The 2014 Chambers and Partners explained that the Firm is known for "boutique representation to defendant clients in white-collar criminal cases."


Highlights of the Firm's founder -- David Oscar Markus:

  • Magna cum laude from Harvard Law School

  • Top 40 litigator under 40 years old (National Law Journal)

  • Top Lawyer, White Collar Criminal Defense and non-White Collar Criminal Defense, Best Lawyers in America by U.S. News (2007-present)
  • Described by the 2013 Chambers & Partners rankings as: "wickedly smart and a terrific trial lawyer. ... Clients say that he is 'thrilling' to watch in court and that 'his passion appreciation and enjoyment for his work are contagious." 

  • Instructor at the first White Collar Criminal Defense College at Stetson Law 2012

  • AV Rated (Martindale Hubbell)

  • Top Lawyer (Chambers & Partners), 2007-present

  • Finalist (one of only eight), Best White Collar Attorney in the United States 2010 and 2011 (Chambers & Partners)

  • According to the 2011 Chambers & Partners, "David Markus comes highly recommended for his criminal defense work.  Clients describe him as 'a charming man of genius intellect, who throws himself into his work to achieve the best results for his clients.'"  The 2010 Chambers & Partners had this to say:  "David Markus ... is 'the whole package,' according to market sources. 'A creative, courageous and tenacious courtroom advocate.' Peers cite as evidence of this the "stunning acquittal" he achieved in the Dr. Ali Shaygan case, which resulted in the dismissal of all 141 counts against his client and a court order to refund $600,000 in costs due to government misconduct."

  • The 2012 Chambers recognized both David Markus and the Firm Markus & Markus for its outstanding work, saying this: "This compact firm enters the rankings this year having been highly recommended for its extensive expertise in white-collar criminal defense. It has doubled in size in the past year and now houses four lawyers, who handle extremely complex high-stakes criminal and white-collar litigation with ease.  David Markus received strong praise from peers and clients alike, who describe him as "a legal genius and brilliant strategist with a great demeanor." He is regarded as a criminal defense expert and has handled some high-profile matters."

  • After a recent trial with reggae star Buju Banton, one newspaper compared him to Clarence Darrow and Johnnie Cochran.
  • Finalist for Most Effective Criminal Defense Lawyer in Miami five different years by the Daily Business Review: 2012, 2011 (for two different cases), and 2009, 2006




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